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We’re still reeling over Avengers: Endgame! Are you?! Our dealership has something special in stock for the ultimate fan. Let’s explore the Iron Man Edition Kona!


History in the Making

As the first car modeled after a superhero, the Iron Man Edition Kona marks a historic partnership with Marvel. It’s a true collector’s item, with easter eggs for fans to enjoy every time they get behind the wheel, which we’ll discuss shortly. As with all collector’s items, this little number won’t stick around forever. Be sure to claim yours soon! 


It’s All in the Details

Down to the smallest details, this car envokes the snarky superhero we’ve all come to love over the years.


The matte gray coat takes Iron Man back to his roots, matching his original silver exosuit from the comic Tales of Suspense #39! The Marvel-red accents pop against the gray, creating just the right amount of fanfare for this otherwise stealthy vehicle. With redesigned LED DRL lights, even the fascia resembles Iron Man’s distinctive mug. Body cladding gives the subcompact SUV the appearance of armor, creating a sleek and sturdy exterior. The leather interior adds a Stark-approved touch of luxury, a step up from the standard Kona. 

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The hero’s crest is strategically placed on the wheels, front seats, across the hatch, and fenders, rolling with every punch. Tony’s signature graces the right side of the dashboard, the Stark Industries logo make their claim to the front seats. As an added surprise, Iron Man’s iconic mask lights up the ground whenever the doors are opened! You can even hold the power of the arc reactor in the palm of your hand! It graces both the gear shift and the gauge cluster, reminding the driver just how much power they’ve got access to. 

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It’s impossible for fans to be bored behind the wheel. At every turn, you’ll be reminded of just how much you love the Marvel franchise!


Rising Above the Standard 

As if its stunning appearance wasn’t enough, the Iron Man Kona dials everything else up to 11. It comes fully equipped with exclusive features not offered on lower level trims! 


For starters, this trim houses an intercooled turbocharged engine, which adds a little kick to the driving experience. Horsepower is upped to a hearty 175hp at 5,500RPM, and torque clocks in at 195 lb.-ft. at 1,500RPM. The base model offers 147hp @ 6,200RPM, producing 132 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,500RPM - a sporty edge on its own. But if you’re looking for a ride with more sass and energy, the Iron Man Kona is the trim for you! Additionally, the alloy wheels stand at 18” (as opposed to 16”) all to help you stand a little taller than the rest, in true Tony Stark fashion.


Now onto amenities! You’ll be able to jam to the Avengers soundtrack with 8 Infinity speakers (as opposed to the standard 6) - no infinity stones needed! Included in this trim is Sirius XM Radio, the Hyundai Blue Link navigation system, and two LCD monitors for double the fun!     


Its ironclad appearance isn’t just for show. This SUV comes is ready to defend its driver with a safety system as responsive as J.A.R.V.I.S. Blind spot and parking sensors, a panic alarm, ignition disable, and even an emergency communication system to call on the other Avengers! Who could resist all that this stylish subcompact SUV has to offer? Go ahead and spoil yourself a little! It’s what Tony Stark would do, after all.


Think you’re worthy to wield the keys to the Iron Man Edition Kona? Stop by our dealership for a test drive today!

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