Is Your Hyundai Model in Need of Brake Service?

More often than not, the service team here at Rick Case Hyundai Davie deals with issues that often go undetected by the vehicle's owner, which results in an expensive repair process that isn't much fun for anyone involved. Many times, it's something as menial as the quality of a vehicle's brakes, which is a problem that can end dangerously if not taken care of. In order to ensure that your Hyundai isn't suffering from any underlying brake issues, we've provided this quick checklist of signs that your brake system may be failing:

  • Have you noticed any strange sounds coming from inside your vehicle? This is usually the first and most difficult sign to track, as there are many sounds your model could be exhibiting - so its always best to be vigilant.
  • Has an indicator light on your dashboard begin to flash or light up while you drive or when you turn on your car? If so, this is often the easiest way to know if your trusted Hyundai is in need of immediate service.
  • Has coming to a complete stop become a problem? This is usually the last big sign that something is going on, and ideally the problem doesn't develop to this point before we're able to take care of it for good.

It's always best to keep your senses engaged while driving, as you never know what issues could be lurking under the hood - just waiting to strike. If you'd like to stop in and learn more, or let one of our mechanics take a look at your Hyundai, all it takes is a ride to our conveniently located dealership. We're right at 3550 Weston Road in Davie, FL for when you need us!

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